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I hope everyone’s enjoying a nice start to Spring with this weekend. If you’re celebrating Easter I’m sure you amongst the many busy with preparations but hopefully, you have some downtime to check out these links!

I enjoyed Politics of Pretty beauty product reviews so much she almost made me want to go out and buy a neck and décolleté cream at the age of twenty in her latest post.

A few months back I wrote about caffeine and its use in coffee-based body scrubs, Lab Muffin recently wrote a beauty science investigation about whether these scrubs are actually beneficial to fight against cellulite.

With the start of Spring, it’s important to prep your skin for this new weather, and dry brushing is becoming very trendy as explained by Wit & Delight.

Leave it to Allure to come up with an amazing list of new beauty products to start out with this spring, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the new Clinique pep-start eye cream that’s featured on the list.

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