transition to spring

IMG_9308Happy first day of Spring! As much as I love winter, I’m very ready to break out some of my favorite Spring pieces, starting wearing lighter shades of nail polish and of course wear lighter jackets.

While switching clothes, nail polish and shoes are important to do at the mark of a new season, so is the transition that takes place with your beauty habits. A good general idea to keep in mind is that Winter/Summer should be focused on protection and hydration, while Spring/Fall should be focused on nourishing and repairing your skin. The weather in the Spring and Fall is much more mild than the Summer and Winter, which gives you a chance to focus on repairing any damage and keeping your skin healthy.

There are transition that should take place with your skin care, hair care, makeup and overall beauty habits that should happen with the change of each season. Below I’ve listed my personal suggestions for each category!

Skin Care


Cleanser – I’ve been a huge fan of oils this Winter as they are very hydrating for your skin however, in the Spring I tend to look for a non-oil cleanser. My current favorite is Alba Botanica’s Good & Clean Gentle Acne Wash, its extremely gentle on skin and super effective at getting my skin clean. Just remember to stay away from foaming formulas as they tend to strip your skin of it’s natural oils.

Moisturizer – The most essential thing about Winter skin care is keeping your skin highly moisturized, and applying a heavy night cream is the best way to do so. Now with Spring it’s equally as important to keep your skin hydrated however it does not need to be done with such great strengths. I recently switched to Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Moisture Cream. It has a very light texture that keeps my skin hydrated every night and the subtle scent is also a nice addition.

SPF Protection – If you’re not wearing sunscreen every day you have some shopping to do. Wearing sunscreen on your face (as well as neck, chest, ears, etc.) is essential in preventing early aging, and should be done daily. Since I’m switching to lighter formulas for Spring I recently picked up this Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer. If you can’t stand the smell of sunscreen you may want to stay away from this one, but I find the subtle scent and soft texture really enjoyable.

Masks – Masking your skin isn’t really a seasonal thing, while you can find masks that are more hydrating, pore refining, or detoxifying this is something that should be done year long. The point of masks is to be a special deviation away from your skin care routine that treats your skin to something special!

Take-away: Switching to lighter formulas that focus on nourishing your skin is essential this Spring.

Hair Care

Shampoo & Conditioner – If you aren’t normally using a clearing shampoo and conditioning treatment at least once a week, now would be a great time to start! Each Sunday I use Suave’s Daily Clarifying shampoo along with a hair mask, usually Garnier Fructis’ Damage Eraser mask. If you have particularly dry strands/scalp and/or colored hair your shampoo and conditioner routine may vary with each season as well.

Treatment – If you’ve read any of my past posts you know that I have an affinity towards using oils in my beauty routine. I’m a huge fan of using argan oil in my hair post shower. When I’m done showering, I gently wring my hair out with a towel and apply a small amount of the oil to my fingers and run it through my hair. Using argan oil helps keep my hair healthy as well as keeps the frizz down a bit.

Protection – My roommate recently gave me this OGX Weightless Oil Mist, first I was worried that doubling up oils would make my hair heavy but I was pleasantly surprised. The addition of this oil mist makes my hair feel fuller and healthier. This particular product is infused with vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, which is known to be nourishing for hair strands (Fun fact, the ingredient pantothenic acid is how Pantene came up with their company name).

pantothenic acid

Pantothenic Acid

Take-away: Keeping your hair healthy during the Spring time is just as important as any other season.



Colors – While I tend to keep my makeup routine pretty simple, I do enjoy including a bit of new color during the Spring time. It’s a great time to break out pastel and lighter colors for nails, and include some poppy, orange or peach colors for your lips. I do like to follow trends when it comes to what colors I use each season however, this is definitely a personal thing and one should use whatever they enjoy most!

Formulas – Sticking with the previous trend I’ve established, switching to lighter formulas can allow your skin to breath more during this season. Switching to a BB cream or liquid foundation could be a good idea if you’re tired of having a lot of products on your skin. This could be very beneficial as it gets warmer out to keep your makeup from sweating off!

Take-away: Even though I enjoy the trends, makeup is definitely a personal choice so have fun with whatever products and colors you choose to use!


If I haven’t preached Pinterest enough, it’s really a great place to find information about any lifestyle topics (follow me here!). If you’ve been on Pinterest recently you may have noticed a few things becoming more popular as Spring has arrived. Drinking warm lemon water every morning, participating in outdoor activities, keeping fresh flowers in your living space, and preparing multi-colored salads are all great ways to keep your health and happiness in track as we begin this new season. If you’re interested in eating seasonally I recently wrote a book review about Eat Pretty which contains amazing information about eating seasonally and cleanly.

Despite the long length of this post I really hope it inspires you all to switch up your routines a bit with this new season and educate yourself on how to keep your beauty routine in check. Share below if you have any transitional beauty habits you do every spring!

Happy Spring-ing!

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