beauty subscription review: ipsy

In case you haven’t heard of beauty box subscriptions, they’re basically the most wonderful thing a makeup obsessed person could ask for. Senior year of high school I was well into my cosmetic addition and came across these magical box subscriptions. The basic idea is each month you will receive a box/bag/package full of a variety of travel and full size products delivered to your mailbox. Most box subscriptions send out a combination of makeup, skin and hair care products. However, with this trend in full force, you can order box subscriptions for food, pet products, workout goodies, tea trinkets and so much more.


just a few of the bag I’ve received over the years

After an ample amount of research I ended up subscribing to ipsy. A monthly beauty bag, co-founded by makeup guru Michelle Phan, that comes in the most delightful pink bubble wrapped packages. For $10/month I received 5-6 travel and full sized makeup, skin and hair care products in a designed makeup bag. When signing up ipsy has you take a quiz that records your hair, skin type, eye color, makeup preferences, lifestyle habits and age in order to create a unique bag for each subscriber.


some *heart eye emoji* products I’ve received lately 

After a collective two years of subscribing to this beauty box I am finally ready to give my official review. As a college freshman, with no car and no income, I found ipsy a great way to replenish my cosmetic addiction every month. However as the years have passed the bags and products have built up. I’ve found myself favoring the skin care products the most, as I don’t wear that much makeup daily. The hair care products are perfect for traveling, and the bags have become my official way to store everything.

Overall: I’d definitely recommend ipsy to anyone who enjoys getting the occasional cosmetic product (I got four friends of mine to subscribe!). $10/month makes this a wonderful deal that gives you a chance to try out new products every month!


*this post was not sponsored, all opinions are my own*

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