book review: eat pretty

The holiday season is slowing down now and as a result, skin cleanses have become heightened in popularity. Following a specific diet focused towards beautifying your skin from inside out is the essence of these cleanses. Learning to eat seasonally, starting the day with a warm glass of water with lemon, cutting out all processed foods and refined sugars, are all a part of these trends. This Christmas I received a book I’ve been lusting after for years, Eat Pretty, by Jolene Hart. I quickly tore through every chapter and was surprised by the effect it had on me.


Former beauty editor, Jolene Hart, has created a beauty cleanse aimed at beautifying your skin through nutrition. The book is split into three parts: “Rethink Beauty”, “Four Seasons to Eat Pretty” and “The Essential Beauty Players”. The first part “Rethink Beauty, introduces readers to the author’s beauty betrayers, nutrition essentials, some glossary words, a breakdown of essential vitamins and their roles in our body, and phytochemical compounds often found in foods.

The second part “Four Seasons to Eat Pretty” is definitely the most handy portion of the book for readers. Hart break downs each season, listing essential foods for each season, the beneficial impacts they have, and provides easy recipes to whip up in the kitchen. I’ve used the Winter section recently when compiling my grocery list for the week to make sure I’m eating seasonally; stocking up on onions, bananas, kiwi and potatoes.

The final and third part “The Essential Beauty Players” is broken down into three sections: digestion, hormones and sleep. The three topics are explored in how they can affect our bodies, and how mixing each with stress can create havoc within. Hart pulls together all the lessons found throughout “Eat Pretty” in an inspiring ending leaving readers excited to make some nutritional changes.

While I may not be in complete support of not eating refined sugars, coffee or only using completely all-natural skin care products, I definitely enjoyed Hart’s take on beauty from the inside. Eating clean and healthy is essential to feeling good, confident, and can only affect your body in a good way. In my mind it makes complete sense that if you eat well rounded meals, include all the fruits and veggies as possible, and avoid as many beauty betrayers as possible your skin will reap the benefits. My take away from this book is to be more cognizant about my eating habits, make sure I’m taking care of my skin and attempting to eat seasonally more often.

After reading this book I’ve discovered a few more beauty skin cleanses out there. Dr. Perricone, behind the skin care line, has developed his own 28 Day Plan  aimed at eliminating inflammation in the participant’s skin. Recently an editor at followed a detoxing skin cleanse created by nutritionist Kelly Leveque that left the editor with glowing skin. These articles had me wishing that I didn’t have a minor coffee addiction or sweet tooth so I could participate in one of these skin detoxes.

While my current diet habits may be keeping me from participating in one of these cleanses, they have definitely inspired me to keep on top of my eating and beauty habits. I hope to improve the foods that I eat and keep a healthy lifestyle, with the challenge of being a college student.

I would highly recommend reading Eat Pretty if you’re looking for some inspiration to amp up your beauty or nutrition routine. Next up on my reading list is Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore!

happy reading!!

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