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This past weekend I was home visiting my mom, shopping around for beauty products with her, and I was shocked to learn that she doesn’t use an eye cream. I’ve been using an eye cream for almost two years now and I’m only 20 years old, so how was my mother, who has taught me so many beauty basics, not using one. Thinking more about this I realized that none of my friends use an eye cream, and from my knowledge it’s perfectly acceptable and useful to starting using an eye treatment at a young age.



my current eye treatments

The reason eye treatments are so important is because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the face (aside from lips), and has been said to be thinner than a dollar bill. Since the skin is so thin, there is a lack of oil glands to help keep the skin healthy and glowing. Therefore eyes are prone to extreme responses from the  lack of sleep to a poor diet, and genetics don’t help this at all. Dark circles, puffiness, redness, wrinkles are all results of the stresses put on the skin around the eye.

While getting more sleep, not tugging on your eyes to get that perfect cat eye, or even having better genetics may fix your under eye problems, the simplest solution is to use an eye treatment. There numerous eye treatments available for any troubles you may experience.

Lucky for you all, I spend my life on Pinterest so I’ve rounded up a list of eye creams for any problems you may be experiencing!

Dark Circles – search for products that contain vitamin C and use words such as brightening or color correcting. *Makeup tip: using a peach colored concealer on your dark circles will counteract the blue/purple tones to create a uniform skin color.*

Puffiness – Many products that prevent against puffiness contain ingredients such as caffeine, peppermint extract, aloe vera, etc. for the cooling and skin tightening effects. Also it is important to note that while puffy eyes may be irritating, there are some non-product treatments. Using cold spoons, cold tea bags, or even sleeping with an eye mask on have been shown to reduce puffiness.

Sensitive – most likely if a product is catered towards sensitive skin, it will contain no fragrance and calming ingredients. It is very important to have a light finger when applying these creams, as to not irritate the eye.

Anti-Aging – while most products will contain anti-aging ingredients and/or a retinal, the main aspects to look for are moisturizing agents. Anything that is hydrating will be beneficial as it will help with that lack of oil glands found in your under-eyes.


photo from beautybets.com

Remember that application is key! Because the skin around your eyes is so thin its important to use a light hand. I would recommend applying with your ring finger (lightest touch), and lightly dab the product on and then blend. If the eye treatment comes with a roller ball, that can also be used for the application. Finally the placement of the eye treatment is also important. Unlike under-eye concealer, which should be applied in a V-shape, eye treatments should follow directly under the lower lashes, from the inner eye to the end of your lashes.

Hopefully this was helpful for someone out there! Leave any comments or questions below that you may have, happy reading!


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