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There are many ways to spend time between classes, listening to music, talking to friends or my new personal favorite, listening to podcasts. After reading this article on I was excited to see that one of my favorite cosmetic chemists, Perry Romanowski, had teamed up with Randy Schueller (fellow Illini!) to produce a chemistry based beauty podcast. The Beauty Brains podcast is slowly becoming a cult favorite in the world of beauty podcasts, currently holding #3 on iTunes.

IMG_9142The Beauty Brains podcast features topics including, recent beauty news, how to read an ingredient label, understanding the claims that marketers use, if those DIY’s on Pinterest really work and so much more. Personally I love the podcasts because they approach beauty with a similar idea as me, where they examine the science behind the product first. The two speakers back up their years of experience in the industry by explaining research that they have found on the topics specifically for the listeners.

Having a science background, I find the podcasts extremely easy to follow. Someone with minimal science knowledge should also have no problem following the topics being presented.  Romanowski and Schueller do a great job at explaining the technical topics that they cover so that all listeners can understand them. Additionally, they include podcast notes on their blog, so if you wish to go back and review the information they talk about it’s very simple to do so. Another unique part of the Beauty Brains shows are their listener questions, where they answer questions submitted by listeners from all over the world. While it might seem odd to take beauty advice from two men, their years of industry experience and blatant knowledge of these topics make it hard to resist their suggestions.


I’d highly recommend this for anyone looking to shop smarter, understand more about the products that they use daily or how to navigate all those marketing claims about the industry.

If this review hasn’t got you hooked yet here’s a list of the most recent podcast titles/topics!

  • Do bath soaks really detox your skin?
  • Does wearing makeup give you better grades?
  • Is quinoa the next super-food beauty breakthrough?
  • Why do women pay more for beauty products than men?
  • Can you exfoliate your feet with Listerene and vinegar?

Check it out on iTunes and The Beauty Brains blog! Bonus it’s free to listen & download!

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