links: five

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So this weekend clearly got away from me as I was unable to get around to do my end of week’s links post. So today shall be a double post!

After years of using makeup wipes and removers daily I’ve switched to some more alternative solutions including micellar water and coconut oil. This article by Brydie has some simple and easy makeup removal alternatives.

While the colors of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity, the beauty industry has been obsessed with the color blue lately. Multiple skin care lines have started producing blue products.

Not exactly beauty related, but while reviewing orbitals in my inorganic chemistry class I came across this poster and have been geeking out ever since!

The past few weeks I’ve been searching for a serum that I can start using daily. During my hunt I came across this guide from Refinery 29, that lists the best serums for each skin type. Determining your skin type is essential when shopping for a new product as it can dramatically increase it’s effectiveness!

happy reading!

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