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During one of my late night Instagram sessions I came across an account for an app called Think Dirty. The name alone had me intrigued as to why this account was being followed by another beauty account I’m a fan of. Think Dirty is an incredible, handy and informative app. Basically it allows you to scan and store all your beauty and personal care products by teaching you to be a better and more safety conscious consumer. Upon scanning a product it will receive a score based on how chemically “clean” it is on a 0-10 rating. You are then able to see the breakdown of why this score was given, the ingredients listed, and their “best picks” for alternative and cleaner products.

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This would be a good chance to explain exactly by clean chemically. Essentially I define chemically clean to be a cosmetic or personal care product that contains ingredients that are effective and safe for the user and the environment. A great example of this can be how micro-beads were recently banned in the United States as they were found to be extremely damaging towards our environment, specifically our water.

I’ve been trying to adopt a clean chemical beauty routine for quite a while now, my biggest barrier being that I’m a college student and don’t necessarily have the money to splurge on those cleaner products.  However it’s apps like Think Dirty. that allow me to slowly switch all my products. The “best picks” section is a great way for me to explore new products that I could possibly purchase.

Immediately after downloading this app I was eager to scan everything in my bathroom and makeup drawer. After some use I’ve discovered that quite easy to use, quick, has a good interface system, a clear explanation of the ranking, and good ingredient information. However I found that their database doesn’t have as many products as I was expecting; my big company shampoo and conditioner wasn’t in the system (however you can submit products for them to review in the future). Overall I’d definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to shop cleaner. While I would not 100% base all my decisions off this app as what to buy, using it as a guideline can definitely make your deciding and buying process a lot simpler.

Download the app here!


*This was not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own*


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