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(1) hydrogel face mask review: ever since I came across this mask in Sephora a few weeks ago I’ve been itching to try it out. Luckily one of my favorite beauty blogs recently did a review on this skin brightening mask!

(2) six natural acne fighting ingredients: I find myself pinning photos from this website all the time, and they out did themselves again with this handy list of ingredients that can be great for all the face mask DIY-ers out there

(3) new year, new skin: the skin care line, One Love Organics, released a skin detox plan to help get your skin back on track just in time for this new year.

(4) egg-cellent skin: this popular breakfast food has become a staple in DIY face masks, and the company too cool for school has created a line of skin care revolved around the egg.

happy reading!

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