think dirty.

During one of my late night Instagram sessions I came across an account for an app called Think Dirty.¬†The name alone had me intrigued as to why this account was being followed by another beauty account I'm a fan of. Think Dirty is an incredible, handy and informative app. Basically it allows you to scan … Continue reading think dirty.


ah, caffeine. the single word that brings us all comfort, especially when it's dealing with that warm cup of morning coffee. It wakes us up, makes us feel more awake and energized, smells pretty amazing and is great any time during the day. Despite the minor coffee addiction most people have, caffeine can be an … Continue reading caffeine

links: two

(1)¬†hydrogel face mask review: ever since I came across this mask in Sephora a few weeks ago I've been itching to try it out. Luckily one of my favorite beauty blogs recently did a review on this skin brightening mask! (2) six natural acne fighting ingredients: I find myself pinning photos from this website all … Continue reading links: two

links: one

In spirit of the new year I have been brainstorming a lot of new things I can do with this blog. Between the mixture of beauty and science that I aim to cover, I have a ton of content and information to share! Which leads me to my first new idea, links. My original plan … Continue reading links: one